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Leaders and Ministries
Stephen Samuel (Pastor) and Elizabeth Samuel (Welcome Ministry)
Ordained Ministers (Reverends):
Theresa Cooper, James Nemley, Nellie Walthrust
Sherlock Cooper, Eric Ferguson, Jose Quiroz, Elliott Walthrust
Trustee Board:
Leon Nolan, Michael Allie (Chairman), Oscar Ibana,
Stephen Samuel, Pressley Swaby
Carol Germany (Treasurer)
Dorothy Wilson,
(Worship & Arts,
Office Assistance)
Marcia Thompson
Betty Ponton & Marva Lewis
(Women's Ministries)
Additional Ministries (Leaders pictured above):

Care Ministry - Rev. Theresa Cooper
Information Technology - Dea. Elliott Walthrust
Media Ministry - Leon Nolan
Men's Ministry - Dea. Jose Quiroz
Missions Ministries - Rev. Nellie Walthrust
Pastor's Aide - Rev. Nellie Walthrust
Youth Ministry - Pastor Stephen Samuel & Rev. Nellie Walthrust

Mae Pembelton